Aircraft Buyer's Consulting Services

Put Jon's experience to work for you!

When you're ready to "take the plunge" into aircraft ownership, Long Aviation is here to help you find the aircraft that's right for you. Finding and buying a good plane is a daunting task for the uninitiated....and making the wrong choice is both demoralizing and financially costly. Having bought and sold more than a few light aircraft, Jon Long of Long Aviation knows the "ins and outs" of the aircraft buying process. From browsing through classified ads through registering your new pride and joy, Jon can give you as much or as little advice and assistance as you need. 

"My interest is solely to help the buyer find the aircraft that's right for them, and to keep them from making costly mistakes in the buying process. Unlike most others who offer this service, I charge no commission...just an hourly fee for my time. All my clients's well worth the investment" says Long.

Some of the tasks that Long can help with include:


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